"Kirk’s novel smoothly traverses multiple genres: the final act is full-scale action; espionage crops up, courtesy of an industrial spy; and QUBE’s abilities place the book in the realm of science fiction.... Never short on cleverness and zeal."

Kirkus Reviews

"Plan on a long lazy weekend, because once you start, you won't be able to put it down."



A fantastic novel that reads as if Neal Stephenson and Tom Clancy teamed up to write an epic San Francisco-based techno-thriller. Kirk proves to be a masterful storyteller that is able to draw from a wide variety of genres and present the reader with unpredictable and shocking story elements that are well-researched and grounded in reality. As the full breadth of the plot begins to unfold you'll quickly find yourself stealing time to read just a few more chapters. Highly recommended!  (FIVE STARS)

Andrew Gadson

Best book I've read all year. Jeff, please keep this type of book coming. (FIVE STARS)

Amazon Reader

Fast-paced and well written - a joy to read. I took a chance on this book and I'm glad I did! It is a fast-paced, well-written book. The story is very engaging and held me from start to finish. I would definitely recommend the book and will look for other works from this author. (FIVE STARS)


A hugely entertaining read! This is one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking books I've read in a long while. The story is well-crafted and riveting, with fun and challenging forays into technology and scientific theory. The characters provoke strong emotional responses, and the dialogue is spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it highly! (FIVE STARS)

Amazon Reader

As a Beta Reader, I was able to watch as the story and characters developed. I've written this review to reflect the finished book.

First off, I realize this is a first novel by Jeff Kirk. However, I think every reader will be blown away by the story, the characters and their development, and the terrific active story arc. The Prometheus Option has a ton of detail about Silicon Valley and various parts of the San Francisco Bay Area that will be immediately familiar to anyone in northern California. Even better, it reflects unbelievably meticulous research, a keen eye for scene and action, and an exceptional grasp of time and pacing.

Second, it's flat-out fun to read. The story builds like a roller coaster, and doesn't waste time on useless exposition. After things start falling into place, it takes off like a rocket sled.

Finally, this is a thriller, and it's about technology, but it's far beyond most techno-thrillers. Anyone who has enjoyed Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, or Lee Child will find something to enjoy in this story, but it's deeper than that. The Prometheus Option places relatable characters into an environment that is either wholly realistic or all-too-possible, then yes, it goes beyond what you might expect.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly and without reservation. The Prometheus Option is an awesome story, and I'm looking forward to Jeff's future efforts. (FIVE STARS)



If you love techno-thrillers with smart and witty dialog and apocalyptic possibilities, check it out. It's over six hundred pages, which allows the author to really expand on the story and the unforgettable characters. I started it on Friday and didn't stop reading until I got to the last page. It was a blast.

One of my favorite thrillers, ever. (FIVE STARS)



I was a pre-publication "beta" reader of this novel, and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I know the author as a technologist — could he actually write?

I couldn't have been more delighted. I enjoyed this book much more than several recent books by well-known authors.

The Prometheus Option is a thoroughly enjoyable combination of ambitious techno-thriller and hard SF, with some cool military/tactical bits as well.

The science and tech in the book is well-researched, and the speculative aspects are grounded in enough reality to be believable. The plot is complex and multifaceted, pitting a quest for scientific breakthrough against those who would do anything in their power to control the new technology and bend it to their own ends.

But, good fiction needs more than just shiny tech and intricate plots. It requires believable characters — characters who come alive in the imagination and ignite emotions in the reader: sympathy, pity, anger, admiration. Kirk’s characters are well drawn and varied. They have feelings, drives, motivations and relationships that evolve throughout the book.

I carried this book with me everywhere, taking every opportunity to read a few pages or a few chapters — always eager to see what happened next. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, it's a great read and an exciting debut from an author whose next book can't come soon enough. (FIVE STARS)

M. Kobb


The novel starts off at a leisurely pace, disarming the reader with a familiar silicon valley backdrop, while building a suspenseful paradigm for the rest of the story to unfold in. It soon kicks into high gear moving from scifi/mystery to spy/thriller, and never looks back. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The Prometheus Option is enormously exciting, cerebral, action packed and endlessly inventive. The authors deliberate pacing, character development and storyline, create a real world drama that touches on universal truths within its boundaries. Without giving too much away it left me full of wonder & scientific curiosity at the uncanny nature of discovery, monetization and the shadows they casts into the real world. (FIVE STARS)

Mawulom Nenonene


This novel is a fast-paced, and plausible, tale of just how disruptive a new technology might be. Kirk's obviously well-researched background explanation of real-world technology dovetails seamlessly with the invented technology of the novel, allowing one to immerse in the plot with no nagging "would that work?" sort of questions. The characters are well-drawn and distinct, and the book is a genuine page-turner. While being a techno-thriller, I also learned a bit about certain areas of science and biology, but that felt neither didactic or a distraction from the plot. If you liked Neal Stephenson's _REAMDE: A Novel_, give this one a read. (FIVE STARS)

Archie Campbell