Howdy folks! Welcome to the new site. 

I decided to move all of The Prometheus Option content out of my personal site at jeffkirkonline.com. Assuming I can sell and publish the book when it's complete, this site will be the book's official home. Whatever that means.

As of today, June 5, 2015, the book is still under development. I've written 376 manuscript pages and 95,462 words. Yeah, that's a lot. I expect it will wind up somewhere between 120,000 and 130,000 words in the first draft. Then I need to go at the manuscript with a pair of scissors to whittle it down below 120,000. If that's possible. I've already tossed the prologue, much as I liked it. Prologues are so twentieth-century.

Once the first draft is complete, I will find beta readers and send the book out for comments. I'm hoping to find some technical experts who can weigh in on some of the geekier aspects of the book before I complete the draft and try to find an agent.

My current plan is to follow the traditional route of finding representation and trying to sell the book to a brick-and-mortar publishing house. It should be an interesting experience, and I'll document the whole thing here, warts and all.

I think the book's pretty good, and that it will find a home. I guess all authors are pretty proud of their creations no matter how hideous and ill-formed they may be. I've read some printed works that were so bad I couldn't get through the first page without wanting to tear my eyes out, Oedipus-style. Still, the feedback I've gotten so far has been pretty positive.