Memorial Day Special - Download Kindle Version FREE!

I'm starting my first promotion for the book this weekend. Download the Kindle version for free starting around midnight Pacific on Saturday, May 28, ending around midnight Pacific on Monday, May 30!

Why free?

Because I'm trying to get my name out there. Self-published books are hard to market, especially when you don't have a serious budget. My budget's about as non-serious as you can get! But if you belong to the Kindle Direct Publishing program, you have five days out of every quarter when you can issue your books for free.

The idea is to increase awareness of the book and its author, and to increase the visibility of the book in Amazon's search rankings. The author makes a short-time commitment to not making any money, and hopefully the book will see enough uptake that Amazon's search engine takes notice and starts presenting it to potential readers once the "sale" is over.

We'll see if the self-publishing podcasts are right! Tell your friends and your neighbors. It's hard to beat free! And remind them that they can use the Kindle app on their smart phone, tablet or computer if they don't have a Kindle reader.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Fingers (and eyes) crossed!