Aaaaand we're live!

"The Prometheus Option" is at long last available on the Amazon Kindle Store!

I celebrated for ten minutes. Now it's time to get the print-on-demand version posted as well.

Oddly enough there are some people who don't care for e-books! What are they, crazy?! I can carry around hundreds of books in my Kindle or on my various iPhone/Pads, and the readers don't weigh any more than they would if there were no books installed at all!

Well, I can't blame them, really. I prefer the dead-tree version to the e-book most of the time, except when I look at the sagging bookshelves in the garage and think about what it's going to be like the next time we move.

However, e-books are awfully convenient, and a lot cheaper. I priced the book at $5.99 US and rounded it down to whatever the next lowest price was with a 0.99 at the end in every other country where the book will be sold, except India, where I priced it a bit on the high side at 199 rupees. E-books don't generally sell in great volumes in India if they're more than 99 rupees, but my book is the size of two normal books, so it should cost twice as much.

I already have some sales from some beta reader buddies. I've asked those who have already read the book to hold off on publishing any reviews for at least a week, since Amazon customers often consider too-quickly-posted reviews of massive books to be scams to pump the book's rankings up.

I'll be writing some posts about the whole process of publishing on Kindle, which wasn't without a few "grrr" moments. In the meantime, I really have to get back to work on the print version.