On the Edge

Almost done. Almost! But not quite.

I spent a week at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon, incorporating reader feedback, editing, rewriting a couple of scenes, and doing the first draft of the cover art. In between, I walked on the beach, drank coffee, and visited the Rogue Brewery pub on the harbor. 

I thought I was done. Then I made a mistake.

I spent a whole day preparing the manuscript format for use in Kindle. A book as long as "The Prometheus Option" takes a while to reformat. While I was doing it, I changed the body text format, and accidentally changed a lot of italicized text to plain text. I discovered it only hours later, and after having saved the document several times.

So now I'm going through the whole manuscript yet again, restoring my italics. I've also found a few more things to correct. There is always a temptation to tinker.

Yesterday I reformatted the web site. Squarespace has really improved their style editor. It's a lot easier to use now, and I was able to find a web site template I really liked. I also incorporated the new cover art into the home page.

Once I'm done re-correcting the text, I still have a couple of maps to finish. Then I'll begin the process of laying out the Kindle and CreateSpace (e-book and print-on-demand) editions.